Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Learn How to Create & Run Ads for Your Business

What will Cover in SEM Course?

  • Overview of PPC Advertisement?
  • Overview of online display advertisement
  • Overview of top online ads running Companies
  • What is Campaign?
  • What is Adgroup?
  • What is ad and types of ads?
  • What is Search Ad Campaign?
  • What is Display Ad Campaign?
  • What is Video Ad Campaign?
  • What is Goal or Objective?
  • What are responsive search ads & Display ads?
  • What is dynamic search ad?
  • How to find Audience to show ads?
  • What is In-market, affinity, custom audience?
  • What is Keyword?
  • What are Exact Match, Phrase Match, Broad Match, Phrase Match Modifier, Broad Match Modifier, and Negative Keywords?
  • How to decide which type of keyword is right for our ad?
  • What is organic and in-organic search results?
  • Top trending tools to manage ad campaigns
  • Best Tools for keywords research
  • What is Bid & Budget?
  • What is bid strategy?
  • Types of bid strategies
  • What is ROI?
  • What is ROAS?
  • What is Revenue?
  • What is CTR and how it will help in our ads?
  • What is CPA?
  • What is CPM?
  • What is Target CPA?
  • What is CPC
  • What is Enhanced CPC?
  • What is Flexible & Portfolio Bid Strategy?
  • Pros & Cons of different Bid strategies
  • What is Conversion?
  • What is Conversion Tracking?
  • How to connect Ad account with Payment and Website?
  • How to optimize search, display & video campaign?
  • What is keyword and display planner?
  • How to find keywords for ads?
  • How to diganose Live ads for better performance?
  • What is quality score and why is it important?
  • What is Remarketing?
  • What is remarketing audience?
  • How to choose which campaign [search/display/video] is right for a website?
  • How to create remarketing list?
  • What is Google Analytics?
  • How to connect google ads with google analytics?
  • What are banner ads?
  • What are rich media ads?
  • What is pop up and pop under ads?
  • What is Lead Generation form?
  • What is Image ad?
  • List of companines which provide display advertising services
  • What si Google Merchant Center?
  • How to list products at google mercent center (GMC)?
  • How to run ads on mobile only?
  • How to schedule ads?

Top Trending SEM Platforms

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