Complete Digital Marketing (CDM)

Learn Complete Online Marketing at One Place

What will Cover in CDM Course?


Digital Marketing Overview

Here you will get the complete overview of digital marketing & its course.

Website Planning & Creation

Here you will learn, how to create, design and develop a website with or without knowing coding.

Email Marketing

Here you will learn, how we can do marketing of our business via sending emails.

Lead Generation

Here you will get, how we can get the information(leads) about users related to our business.


Pay Per Click Ads

Learn about how to grow a business using advertisement services.

Google Analytics

How to track website audiences, mange and optmize it.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

How to optimize social media channels and use them for your business awareness.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Learn, how to grow your business via social media channels’ advertisement servies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn Basics of SEO, how to rank your website on search engine.


Advanced SEO

How to grow, plan, and execute a strategy to rank a website on SE and mantain it on the same ranking.

Google Tag Manager

how to implement any code in a website without knowing any word of code, track website each event, learn it here.

Application SEO

How to do SEO of an android/iOS application, related to this all things come here.


Keyword Research

Here you will learn how to do keyword research for your website to run ads, to write trending content, seo and for more.

Graphic Design

Learn photoshop, illustrator, canva, Adobe after effect, CorelDRAW and other trending tools for designing.


Content Marketing

How to write catchy content for any business outbound or inbound marketing to attract customers towards your business.

Growth Hacking

How to grow audience and retain them via simple and very low cost strategies and making strong but simple creatives to sustain any business in the makret.

Online Display Ads

Learn how to run banner, rich media, text ads on top trending entertainment channels.

eCommerce Marketing

Learn, how to grow a ecommerce business, how to do seo, smo, smm, ppc, and other marketing phases related to this.

Mobile Web Marketing

Learn, marketing methods based on mobile and how to grow your business on mobile and so on.

Online Reputation Management

Learn how to safe your business from negativities and covert them in postive points to grow your business in future.

Create Online Marketing Blueprint

Learn, how to decide which will be the best marketing method for a business from all.

Video Editing & Creation

Learn adobe premiere, audition, filmora an d also other famous video creation and editing tools for your business.


Learn how to monetize a website, youtube channels, and social media channels on google or other monetization channels.

Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to earn money or promote your website via affiliating process.


Here you will learn how we can get freelance works related to your skills using online and offiline methods .

15 Days Interview Preparation

Here you will get 15 Days interview preparation after completing this course.

10+ Certifications

After completing digital marketing course you will get the 10+ industry oriented certificates related to this skill.

Doubt Sessions

Every saturday we place a doubt session for our trainees related to previous classes and solve them.

Top Trending Online Platforms

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