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  • Updated Course Based on Trend
  • Experienced & Industry oriented Trainers
  • 100% Practicle Exposure
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Started Earning From the First Month After the Course
  • Establish Your Own Brand
  • 3 Days Free Demo
  • 15 Days Free Interview Preparation
  • Max. 4 Trainees Allowed Per Batch [for better FOCUS on Students]
  • Offline and Online Class Facility
  • Industry Oriented Certificates
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Free Live Project Internship
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 15-20K/Month Income [100% RC Guarantee]
  • Flexible Class Timing
  • Free Backup Classes

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Anybody who knows to run a laptop or PC and also completed his or her 12th Std.[Min. Requirement for Digital Marketing] Graduation will be required to get more better JOB Opportunites in his/her life. If you are running your Own Business and also you are not graduate but you can handle Computer related work then it’s for you.

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Talk to Mr. Himanshu Avasthi related to your Business Growth at online platform, personal branding, social media presence, SEO, digital marketing career, eCommerce paid campaigns, website design & development and more. He is Google certified python developer and digital marketing trainer & consultant. He has 7+ Yrs. of experience in online marketing sector. He worked for various industries like FMCG, eCommerce, IT, Education and many others. Visit Linkedin Page to Know more about him.

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Best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur. I love the teaching method of Himanshu Sir. According to me Anybody can’t teach you like him.

Bharat Pareek

Sr. Digital Marketing Executive, Balwaan Agro

Best Digital Marketing Trainer in Jaipur. They helped me to find my focus area in digital marketing which is Social Media. Thanks Himanshu Sir.

Tushar Pathak

Social Media Consultant, Elegant Group

Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in jaipur. Best Digital Marketing Trainers, and good learning strategy they use. 100% practicle environment.

Mihir Chunara

Digital Marketing Executive, HDFC Finance

I suggest to everyone who wants to learn digital marketing, this digital marketing training academy will be best for you. If you want to get best job in your life, like me.

Mazhar M.K.

SEO Executive, Adglobal 360 Pvt. LTD

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Why Digital Marketing is Important?

These days you must be listening to a lot about Digital Marketing Course or Online Advertising Course or Online Promotion.

Why all of sudden Digital Marketing Course is BOOMING so much?

Do You Know Why?

Now there may be some of you who do but the rest only knows a little that they may have heard from the buzz going around.

“Everyone knows that Online Advertising Course is mainly for the Promotions of Our Businesses so that it increases or also to earn REVENUE from the business websites.”

Yes you all got it right but Do you know 5 to 7 Years from now Online Marketing in India was Nothing i.e No One knew or have heard about Online Marketing because it’s reach was only limited to the IT Companies & that time Internet marketing was not in frontier & Public wasn’t aware of it but as soon as the craze of SMARTPHONE increased, Online Marketing too started booming & people started noticing it.

Today if an employee is working in the field of Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media optimization (SMO), Pay per Click (PPC) he says I am a Online Marketer but this was not the scenario earlier,  They only used to say SEO Executive, SMO Executive, and etc.

Earlier when a fresher used to go for an interview in an IT company and if his skills didn’t match with company’s requirements, he was transferred into SEO or SMO field because at that time Online Marketing related syllabus/course was not available and freshers only heard or got to know about it in the company itself.

But if we talk about Today’s Market there are Lots of Reputed Colleges and Coaching Institutes who are providing Courses Related to Online Advertising in fact, you can do a Diploma or can get a Degree for Internet Marketing.

But According to me (Himanshu Avasthi), everyone is running behind Online Marketing to learn it & to execute it as per their needs but the question is Why all are running behind it?

And the answer is To Earn MONEY Through It”.

Lots of Coaching Institutes tells you that after learning Online Marketing your life will change completely. You will fly high in Sky like a Rocket. After our course (which is of a certain time period like most of them have it for 3 months, some may have for 3.5 Months, some also have 4 Months and some coaching institutes also have for 6 months), one thing is for sure that you will definitely be getting “JOB” and that too with an excellent package (Depends on how much you have learned & Executed). All of your problems can be sorted out after this course.

But according to me, Online Advertising is not a single TECHNIQUE that you learn; it’s a collection of lots of other Online marketing techniques too like SEO, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing, SEO marketing and many more.

But then how everyone says that you can be a perfectionist yourself in all these techniques within 3 to 4 months.

It’s because according to Theory and Research If you want to become an expert in a single technique or method you have to give almost 1-2 years on that particular technique.

But then how these people say that you will be perfect for this job or for you it will be increasing your business Revenue after only a certain period of time. I don’t know about that.

“This thing is not only available in the Online Advertising field but also in other sectors like Competition Exams’ Coaching Institutes, Colleges, and Schools.

You can also measure these things by yourself.”

I can explain this thing via one example, a coaching institute or College which have 10 students in one Batch and the total batches they are running in a day are 4 i.e they are teaching 40 students in a single day or in 3-4 Months Course Time and if you can figure it out you will observe is it really possible that all of those students get placement in a company after this? Think about all these parameters when you find a Online Marketing Institute in Jaipur  OR in any other City?

I don’t know about other Internet Marketing Coaching Institutes or Colleges but in “Rental Cloud – India’s First Home-Based Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur” you will only get the best practical training exposure because we believe in a number of students who are getting training from us & that’s the reason we (Rental Cloud) focus only on 4 Students in a Single Batch & not more than that Because our FIRST priority is to provide better training exposure to all our students and the SECOND definitely being the JOB or whatever the BUSINESS they are pursuing. (if anyone has).

We started Rental Cloud Journey in June 2018.

In the starting phase we only had one or two students in a single batch and this continued till June 2019 but After June 2019, we increased the strength in a number of our students and we finally decided that we will give training to 4 students in a batch from now on because we researched & analyzed that, when a coaching institute or college have more and more students in a batch they are not able to properly monitor or give time to each one of them.

And we found the solution to it. (If you have noticed that I have started using the word “we” because “Rental Cloud” is not a single person, it is the hard work of lots of trainees & trainers altogether.)

So we were talking about Why Online Advertising is important?”.

Today Everything is becoming Digital so we can assume that in the future, all the things that you have not even think of will be going for digitization. A great person once said, Change is the power of Growth.. I think he was absolutely right because as per today’s world everything depends on technology and one of the most favorable parts of Technology is “SMARTPHONE”. Today without a Smartphone & keep in mind here I’m not talking about a normal PHONE, here I’m talking about THE SMARTPHONE(remember this word), A person finds it hard to survive without a SMARTPHONE these days, even a child who understands what is a Smartphone needs it, and it’s right too as everyone wants all these things to be at one place & under one gadget  & what better than a Smartphone.

Keeping all this in mind you can easily understand, “Why Internet Marketing Course is Important? Using Internet Marketing you can track, find interest, find an audience for your business, you can connect a number of people, you can suggest, you can explain yourself and your business in front of people using this technology i.e Online MARKETING.

According to me all work in Online MARKETING is the same as it’s in TRADITIONAL MARKETING except finding an audience and Investing Money in both Marketing Platforms.

And last but not least, after doing this Course (Whichever you choose – Online or Offline) there is One Hundred Percent guarantee (100%) that you will get a job based on your skills which either you will find out or else we will develop it into you.

And if you wish to know about the Salary Package you have to come & meet us at Rental Cloud or you can also speak to our Rental Cloud Sales Team to get all your questions’ answers.

So If you want to know anything related to Online Marketing Course or about Internet Marketing, you can visit our Digital Marketing Training Institute “RENTAL CLOUD”. We are available from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Monday – Saturday).

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